Reclaim, Reprogram and Raise your Vibe

3 Steps to Living in a HIGH VIBRATION

to manifest all that you want in life!

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YES, Raise my VIBE!


By taking this course you can expect Rapid Results for Raising your Energy and Living in a HIGH VIBE to positively manifest what you want in life and feel good no matter what is happening around you.


What is taught in this course is exactly what I have learned through my own experience and that of my clients to actually shift your vibration on demand. You have the power to feel good at any moment in time.

Once you start applying what you will learn in this course you will retrain your brain to easily shift into a better feeling place. You can then be assured that you are manifesting what is for your highest good. Not falling victim to subconscious patterns, programs and beliefs that do not support you.


Living in a HIGH VIBE is how good things manifest into your life. The better you feel, the better your life becomes.


Module 1- RECLAIM

Take back your power to maintain a High Vibration.

Quick and easy lessons on ways of flipping your vibration. These are easy to apply processes that will empower you to flip from a low vibration to a HIGH VIBE quickly.



Release Limiting Beliefs, Patterns and Programs.

Take part in Healing Sessions to clear the subconscious programs running in your energetic system that prevent you from living a HIGH VIBE life.


Module 3- RAISE

Reprogram your Subconscious Mind to RAISE your vibration.

Hypnosis Meditations designed for continual use to rewrite the programs and beliefs that do not support you.


BONUS- Meditations

Healing Meditations to enhance all that you learned, healed and reprogramed with this course.

Enjoy wonderful meditations that will assist you in holding a keen focus on your desires. AND heal and reprogram a Sub-Personality to work with you in creating your desires.


Learn how to manage your emotions. Learn how to see the purpose of the lower emotions when they arise. And learn how to easily flip them to a better feeling place taking you up and into a HIGH VIBE.


If you have been struggling with lower emotions like fear, doubt, worry, lack of confidence, lack in general, this course is for you. You can do something about it, and it is not that hard to do.


I like to keep things simple, there truly is no right way. We can all find our own way to apply the things that we are learning and have them work for us. This course will empower you to do just that. Find your own way with the lessons to bring in the healing.


This course will also assist you in releasing the energy that no longer serves you. Erase old programming and install new programs and ways of being that will support you in all that you want to manifest.


The Healing Sessions and Meditations included in this course are not only enjoyable, they actually RELEASE ENERGY! Plus, you can download them and take them with you to use anywhere, anytime.


You will also receive energetic downloads of new programs and ways of being that will assist you in holding a high vibration to actually set yourself up to manifest your desires.


In the 3rd Module you have Hypnosis Meditations that use Brain Entrainment Music that will assist you in changing the subconscious programming that has been holding you back from stepping into your FULL potential to be the magnificent, awesome, CREATIVE MANIFESTOR of your life.


Here's what's included:

7 Tips for flipping your Vibration to HIGH VIBE
Healing Session #1

Healing Session #2
Bonus Energy Clearing of Ties & Cords
VIBE ENHANCER Hypnosis Brain Entrainment
LOVE ENHANCER Hypnosis Brain Entrainment


Plus these Bonus Meditations:

Meditations that will assist you in holding the focus of any intention, goal or purpose you choose to work with. The meditations are designed to be worked with repeatedly and with a variety of intentions.


Bonus #1 – EAGLE EYE – DESIRE FOCUS Guided Meditation

Bonus #2  SUB-PERSONALITY REBOOT Guided Meditation

Bonus #3 – HEAVEN & EARTH GROUNDING Guided Meditation


Get started today, right now!



Isn't it time that you no longer allow those outside of you to dictate how you feel?

Become the Master of your thoughts, feelings and vibration to consciously decide how you want to feel in any moment.

Step into your FULL power and potential to know what is best for you and to follow your heart and your spiritual guidance in creating a life you LOVE!

Yes, Raise my VIBE!


I'm Linda Armstrong, I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual Awakening Coach. I am certified in many healing modalities after becoming a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach.


I have a unique style in my work combining Energy Healing with Coaching while tapping into my Intuitive Nature and Spiritual Guidance to help my Clients live an inspired high vibrational life. I assist them in finding and knowing what it is, that is for their highest good.

I help those who are Awakening to their true self, who want to breakthrough what's keeping them stuck and stopping them from moving forward, to tap into the possibilities, knowing their purpose, achieving their goals and loving their life. As a result I help people to bring more light to their life. I work with The GATE Healing Method and ThetaHealing Technique. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and Light Body Meditation Practitioner.

Linda Armstrong


Here's what some of my customers have to say about this course.

Linda Armstrong is a gifted healer of the highest intention to serve with love and help you heal yourself....she's well worth a one-on-one session as well! You can connect with here here: https://www.themindbodyspiritnetwork.com/linda-armstrong


I'm LOVING this course! It's so to the point with easy to apply processes. PLUS, the healing sessions blew me away and the meditations are really powerful. I feel a shift already and I love how you can use these meditations and brain retrain recordings over and over again!

Leesa R

I honestly mean it when I say that I am loving the course. I loved the first section very much.  After finishing the second section, a lot of incredible things started to happen in terms of being more open to love.  My vibration has definitely shifted since starting the course, I don’t know if it’s because of the course but I definitely believe the course has had an effect on my vibration. It can’t be a coincidence!     Today I did the first hypnosis session from the 3rd module and I especially looooved it! I thought it was very brilliant.  I look forward to the second one and to listening to the first one again. 

Kevin A

This course has really helped me to shift from feeling depressed to feeling happy! I felt a big difference after doing the healing sessions and I think that the hypnosis recordings really did the trick. Plus, the first few tips worked for me right away. Thank you Linda!!!

Greg R

So easy to follow and sooooo effective. I listen to the meditations over and over again. Really loving this course, thanks!

Susan Adler



Considered to be most transformational and rated Five stars by more thatn 90% of our students.

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Considered to be most transformational and rated Five stars by more thatn 90% of our students.


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Find answers and general information quickly about this course.

YES, this course speaks very simply and easily to how you can manage your energy vibration. You do not need to know anything prior to taking this course. In fact, I find those without any preconcieved ideas soak the information in instantly and are able to work with it easily.

Not really, although I recommend when doing the Energy Clearing portion that you are well hydrated and can be in a quiet space without interruption. It is also recommended that you listen with earphones or earbuds.

This course runs 3.5 hours in total. You can listen as you please, take your time, and you can bounce around from lesson to lesson. BUT, you most likely will want to do parts of it over and over again. So, it might actually run longer depending on how you use it.

I don't recommend listening to the videos back to back as you want be with the energy after each healing session or meditaiton to allow it to continue to work through your system. 

YES, it does. We have found that it works best on Google Chrome, 

You'll have lifetime access to the material and it will remain neatly stored to you in the members area. So, you can come back to it as often as you like and you don't need to worry about storing, finding or losing the files.

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One thing to know is that Energy has no bounds. It is not dependent upon time and distance, which is why you will feel the energy being transmitted and released as you go through this course.

Whether I work with my Clients in person or online over distance, one on one, in a group, OR even through this virtual course... THE ENERGY IS TRANSMITTED, and it has a beautiful effect.

You deserve to be free of energy that does not support you.   Treat yourself today!


Grab this Special Discounted Price!

Start right now to clear the unsupportive energy that has been holding you back. Learn how to maintain a High Vibration so you can manifest all that you want in life!



Yes, Raise my VIBE!